We’re in the information age and computers are the tools used to obtain and manipulate these information. In the Computer Graphic Designer program, you’ll learn to provide comprehensive graphic design, production and support services; to create and produce a variety of original and computer-generated graphics projects including brochures, advertisements, posters, logos, business cards, presentations, maps, and report covers for print and multi-media applications.

The labour markets for Computer Graphic Designer have than become truly international. Today we can see the many opportunities to climb the carrier ladder within the Computer Graphic Designer trade. The scope for work and advancement in the field of Computer Graphic Designer is hence bright and the situation in Sri Lanka is predicted to follow the same pattern. This CBT curriculum would enable trainees achieve international standards. 

Computer Graphic Designer can find employment both within and outside the country, or can start their own business with a moderate investment. After completion of this program Trainees will be able to seek employment as a Graphic artist, Desktop Publisher, computer Graphic Designer, Web Graphic artist or Graphic Editor as desirable. Opportunities for advancement are excellent in this emerging occupation. Starting entry-level positions one can advance to position of Web Developer, Web Editor, 3D graphic Editor or Graphic Animator by developing some few extra competencies.

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